Oh No Polio

Oh No Polio is a couch multiplayer game where you have to wipe out your friends by infecting them with diseases. Walk through the city turn by turn and try to collect diseases and build hospitals and laboratories. Buy items and use services to help you be the last man or woman standing.

Cheap Realtor

A game about a realtor trying to sell haunted houses. The goal is to collect all the fuses in the house, so you can turn on the lights and drive out the ghost.


An alcoholic astronaut starts his own bar on a new planet. First-person management, exploration and action.

Rendered concept art


Small prototypes of games for learning or experimental purposes.

Stack cubes to be the first one to get over the wall. Capture the bakery of the other team and destroy their ovens.

A small castle city full of pencils and a guillotine.